EASTER ISLAND – Hard to get to but well worth the trip

Author: Michie Vinje

In January 2016 I took a small group on the Oceania Marina cruising from Valparaiso, Chile to Papeete, Tahiti French Polynesia.  Booking the trip was not as smooth as when booking most cruise lines and getting excursion was  impossible but we got it done and were anxious to get on our way.

Half way through the trip we anchored at Hanga Roa, Chile better known as Easter Island. We were suppose to spend two days at the island, unfortunately the Captain announced that a storm was blowing in and we would have to pull the anchor first thing in the morning, gather the folks that had decided to spend the night on the island and steam off to Pitcairn Island (home of the decedents of the Mutiny on the Bounty).

Easter Island is wind swept and battered by tidal waves yet it has a stark beauty, green rolling pasture land and amazing highlands sprinkled over the landscape.  There are many more Moais than we expected many standing and many fallen over or partially buried, especially at the quarry which was on a small mountain side that looked out on the sea. The sea is a beautiful color, but you can smell  the wind and the salt air and you know it can be very scary when aroused.

There were some great crafts to purchase but I decided to wait till the next day and of course lost my chance.  We did not make it into Hanga Roaa the sole town on the island where there were even more things to buy.

We left as the sun was rising, wishing we could stay one more day and see some more of the wonderful sights.